Odds & Ends 3/21/2020                               


  • This week Providence Health expanded its lab testing to handle 500 - 600 COVID-19 tests for its patients. Read more by clicking here.
  • Genentech announced it will start a clinical trial for the drug Actemra for patients with severe COVID-19 Pneumonia. To learn more, click here.
  • It's Match Day for medical students across the country. This is the day they learn where they will be going for their residency. Unfortunately, the celebrations are virtual today, so if you can tweet, send our future doctors a congratulatory tweet #MatchDay2020.
  • Blood drives across the country have not been immune to all the cancellation fever. The Red Cross is in urgent need of blood. If you can donate, please make an appointment by clicking here.
  • The City of Portland's Economist Josh Harwood shared some of his insight on the economy. To read his interview, click here.
  • Shipping services at the Port of Portland seem to be full steam ahead, which is a good sign for our trade dependent state. See the Port of Portland's Keith Leavitt's videofor an update on the marine side of the Port's business.
  • Comcast is responding to COVID-19 by offering Xfinity WiFi network for free. To learn more, click here.
  • Another resource for one's mental health during this time is the music of local musician Michael Allen Harrison. He has an anti anxiety Corona music play list on his YouTube channel that may help put you at ease.