Wilsonville looking back and looking ahead


WIlsonville Mayor Tim Knapp 1   Mayor Tim Knapp of Wilsonville gave his annual "State of the City" address at the beginning of March, and he presented some perspective from his 12 years in office.
   Knapp said when he first took office, the Great Recession had started, jobs were being lost, and industrial vacancies were at 45 percent.
   At the time, he said the city recognized it needed to take bold steps and focus on its unique assets to become a complete community.
   Knapp highlighted some of those assets that have propelled Wilsonville in its quest to be a successful, thriving community.
   The Willamette River Water Treatment Plant is a critical asset, not only to Wilsonville, but now to the region, as other cities and organizations have become partners in the Willamette Water Supply Program.
   Mayor Knapp also talked about the city's residential growth with the completion of Villebois development expected in the next couple of years.
   Frog Pond is Wilsonville's next residential area to be developed, and it was home to the NW Natural Street of Dreams in 2019.
   Mayor Knapp also shared information about the city's transportation in terms of SMART, Wilsonville's mass transit agency, and about infrastructure projects being constructed in the city.
   He also talked about employment lands, including Coffee Creek and Basalt Creek, which could bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in payroll to the region.
   To see the "State of the City," please see the video link below.
Knapp SOC Video