Public safety tops the list of hot topics in Tigard's "State of the City" address


Mayor Jason Snider 2020 SOTC   Tigard Mayor Jason Snider gave his second annual "State of the City" address in January, which included some entertaining stories, but the most concerning information was around the city's staffing of law enforcement. 
   The City of Tigard has a population of more than 50,000 people and only three police officers on duty at a time.
   Snider said he participated in a ride along with one officer, who was in the middle of a 15 hour shift.
   It's obvious the Tigard's Police Department could use some more help, but the funding isn't there.
   This is why Tigard will be asking its voters this May to pass a police levy.
   Snider also reported on the progress being made on four promises he made last year, and he gave four new challenges for the city in the year ahead.
   He talked about the city's efforts in becoming more inclusive, and he inspired his residents to help Tigard become the highest percentage of 2020 Census participation in the Portland metro area.
   Snider shared how Tigard officials are working on getting out of City Hall and into the neighborhoods.
   He encouraged Tigard residents and businesses to invite the council and staff to meetings and celebrations.
   Tigard recently created a report card for residents to show how the city spends its budget and efforts.
   Snider asked residents to provide feedback on what they want in a future report card.
   He also praised the awarding winning work of Tigard's Police force and challenged the audience to share their stories and to support the Tigard Police.
   To see a video from "Late Night in Tigard," see TVCTV's YouTube channel linked below.
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